Bio-economy and Cleantech in East-Flanders

East Flanders is thé Flemish hub for bio-economy and cleantech. Everything you could need is present: research, innovation, industry and education.

Research and innovation

Thanks to the combined efforts of the University of Ghent and research institutes like the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant and CAPTURE, East Flanders plays a leading role in Europe. Several starts-ups and spin-offs focused on the development of new bio-economy based activities.


The North Sea Port, the 60-kilometre-long cross-border port area that stretches from Vlissingen to Ghent, is an important cluster for the biobased economy in Europe. With over one million tons of biofuel produced by companies like Oleon and Alco Bio Fuel, ten percent of your fuel tank contains biofuel from Ghent, whether your car runs on diesel or petrol.

A multitude of companies are working towards a more sustainable future. They have started several projects to limit their CO² emissions and make their production more renewable. Fossil fuel based products are replaced by renewable alternatives and, gradually the model of a circular economy is being embraced as the way forward.

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