What is Innovation Playground?

A playground full of innovation!

The East Flanders economy is a playground full of innovation in a variety of sectors. But it’s in six particular clusters that it really shines. Two mature sectors, in which East Flanders has long been a leader: Bio-economy & Cleantech and Materials. There are complemented by four growing sectors bursting with potential: Health Tech, All things digital, Smart Logistics and Agro & Food.

Smart Specialisation

These six sectors form the base of the smart specialisation strategy of the Province of East Flanders. The goal of Innovation Playground is to attract foreign investments in these sectors. It also provides a valuable network, practical knowledge and the necessary infrastructure to make sure these sectors can continue to develop towards their full potential.

In short, Innovation Playground is created to strengthen the many assets of East Flanders. With the help of many partners in the worlds of government, corporate and academics, the region can become a global powerhouse of industry and innovation.


Where is Innovation Playground?

Our strategic location means that East Flanders is an ideal staging ground for anyone interested in international business. Discover the possibilities of our province and open the door to the rest of the world.

Driven by its strong-willed population, East Flanders is a strategic and logistical powerhouse

A mere stone’s throw from Brussels, East Flanders is located at the heart of the European Union’s most prosperous region.

This means that, logistically, the whole of Europe is within reach. Many paths lead to East Flanders; not just by land but also by water.

  • The capital of Ghent is located on the crossroads of two major motorways (E17 and E40)
  •  Two seaports (North Sea Port and Waasland Port make for a handy connection over water
  • East Flanders lies at the entranceway to the Seinebekken. Through the Seine-Schelde Connection, barges will soon be able to reach Île-de-France and Paris




East Flanders

Strong in these six sectors

The East Fanders’ economy is overflowing with innovation in various sectors. But where we really shine is in six solid and robust clusters.