Living in East Flanders: a practical guide


The East Flanders region has excellent healthcare. With 75% of healthcare costs reimbursed, the East Flemish healthcare system is among the most affordable in Europe. You can choose the healthcare provider that fits your needs best.


From the age of 2.5, children in East Flanders have some of the world’s best schools and institutions at their disposal. From our primary and secondary school all the way up to our world-renowned universities, you can be sure your children will receive one of the best education Europe has to offer.


Flandriens, as we are known, love life and enjoy it to the fullest. From chocolates, over fries to our world-famous beers, East Flanders has many pleasures to offer.

The cost of living in East Flanders is remarkably low. Even though many of the cities in East Flanders don’t enjoy international name-recognition, the quality of life they offer rivals - and often surpasses - that of world-famous metropolises.

History & Leisure in East Flanders

East Flanders has a wealth of history to offer. Get lost in Aalst, Ghent or Sint-Niklaas, and a host of other vibrant and bustling modern cities that still live and breathe their historic heritage. Beneath the surface of these beautiful cities lies a thriving industry and a treasure trove of knowledge, museums and art. Delicious food, entertainment and culture characterize the East Flemish way of life.


Europe lies at your fingertips in East Flanders. International destinations are mere hours away and very accessible thanks to a top-notch railway network. City trips to the Netherlands, France, Germany and the UK are easy and affordable. With East Flanders as your home, the whole of Europe is waiting to be explored.

This small but vibrant part of Europe can’t wait to welcome you and your family with open arms!



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