Strong network

East Flanders is internationally renowned for its top ranked knowledge institutes and universities. Ghent University is one of the largest and best universities in Flanders. In addition to the University, East Flanders also has four graduate schools that collectively offer a broad pallet of education programs.

The International School of Ghent welcomes children from a variety of nationalities with open arms. Students from 30 different countries, all between the ages of 3 and 12, follow their classes in English. The school is a true beacon of diversity with both teachers and students from all over the globe.

Partnership between entrepreneurs, academia and governments is crucial in East Flanders. Together we’re investing in innovation with a long-term roadmap. Living Labs and the East-Flanders Economic Platform are perfect examples of solid collaboration.


It is the people that make East Flanders the bastion that it is. They can be described as down-to-earth, jovial and warm. East Flanders is known for its multilingual workforce with highly skilled graduates in a wide range of disciplines. All Dutch-speaking schools teach French as first foreign language, with English as second foreign language. German and Spanish are often available as well, depending on the school direction.

In East Flanders, your company can find the right employees. After all, the province is home to one of the most gifted talent pools in the world. Our splendid business environment and high standard of living ensures that East Flanders is the ideal setting for workforce productivity. In short, East Flanders’ education system makes sure that employees have the skills and competencies needed to perform in this highly innovative environment