Smart Logistics in East Flanders

East Flanders is accessible by water, road and rail. Two seaports and comprehensive multimodal transport connections are major logistical trump cards. This optimal location is one of the reasons so many large logistics companies like Katoen Natie and DSV have already established their presence in the province. In addition, large container shipping companies have also grouped their activities together at a joint dock in the Waasland port.

With the development of new industrial sites and the expansion of both East Flemish seaport areas, the province completely focuses on intelligent logistics. Thanks to the introduction of intelligent timing, a better combination of good flows and improved cooperation between the various logistical partners, the logistics sector can become even more cost efficient and decrease emissions.

A well-developed rail network and with no less than 300 kilometres of navigable waterways means East Flanders completely focuses on the modal shift: where possible freight haulage takes place by water or rail.

Strengthening East Flanders’ already strong logistical capabilities is POM East Flanders. The Provincial Development Agency is working on developing a smarter, leaner and greener logistical framework that will encourage others to follow suit.
One of those concrete projects is Fabriek Logistiek, Belgium’s first logistical testing ground. The practical testing centre will open its doors in 2022 and will unite logistical applications, technologies, knowledge and expertise. Everyone involved in logistics and supply chain is welcome. To test out new ideas and concepts for their own warehouse process flow, companies can bring their employees and goods to the centre to make use of realistic simulations.

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